"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heather as your horse's physio. She has a calm, gentle manner and is very thorough. Islay had pain in her back due to saddle changes and Heather got to the bottom of it very quickly. There was a noticeable difference in her after one visit (then a saddle change!). If you want a friendly, professional and thorough physio for your horse then look no further - thank you Heather!"


Steph Neilson, Islay (Endurance & Dressage)



"When my 12 year old collie was knocked off his feet by my younger collie x, he developed a really bad limp and my vet recommended medication for the rest of his life. I asked Heather if she could have a look at him first. Within a few minutes of treating him she pin-pointed that his shoulder was causing him pain. My up until then increasingly grumpy dog transormed in front of my eyes, and within an hour of treatment was running around playing with his toys again. I would not have believed it if I had not watched the whole treatment myself! I fully recommend Heather to anyone, she has not only saved me a lot of money and time at the vets, but given Fraggle his quality of life back."


Mhairi Wilkinson, Fraggle (Collie & dear member of the family)



“I have known Heather for quite a long time and she knows my mare Purdie very well. Heather has seen what we've been through from the start and it has been great having her knowledge to help me through the hard times. I have had a few lessons from Heather as well as some treatments, which Purdie has enjoyed and I have seen some great changes in her schooling. I would not hesitate to recommend Heather for lessons as well as a physiotherapist – she has a very friendly and professional manner about her job.”


Louise Parsons, Purdie (Dressage & general riding)


"I asked Heather to treat my horse after seeing a stiffness through her back. I needed to get Darcy ready for competition. Heather promptly did an initial assessment and advised that my mare was stiff through her back on one side across to the biceps femorous.


She initially treated her with long-wave ultrasound and after a few days there was a marked improvement. Heather then came back a week later to do a follow up ultrasound treatment and the next day my mare was sound and back in work. I strongly recommend Heather and her treatments, as being the owner of a Thoroughbred there are not many people I would trust to treat my rather opinionated mare, but Heather did it with understanding and kindness... and I believe she even got a kiss or two from Darcy along the way.


We are now competition ready but I will of course keep Heather in mind for preventative care and a treatment here and there to keep Darcy happy and

Lorna Wharton, Darcy (Eventer)



"I own 2 horses that are used for hunting and common riding. Heather regularly treats both of my horses with fantastic results, in my opinion a holistic approach to treatment helps keep the vet bills down and allows my horses to perform at their best. My mare Wicksy is a bit head shy but Heather seems to be able to persuade her to drop her head and enjoy her treatment." 


Fiona Currie, Wicksy & Dez (Hunting & Common Riding) 



"I asked Heather to come and give my horse a general massage after a hard season of competitions, clinics and long distance travelling. She was very welcoming when she arrived at my yard, and her way with my horse was reassuring, I knew he was in safe hands. Heather picked up on a few weaknesses he has got and gave me some simple exercises to do every day to help him improve his performance. I would recommend Heather to my friends for their horses for either a physiotherapy visit or to give the horse a good once over after a hard season. I'm really pleased with the results so far, he's performing even better already."


Kim Collier RVN (Western, qualified for Nationals 2013)



"Heather has treated my mare on separate occasions for a back and lower leg injury. It was quickly apparent that her treatments made a huge improvement to both injuries. She gave me stretches to do after exercising my mare and always followed up treatment to see how recovery was going. Heather demonstrated a: patient, confident and knowledgeable manner when working around my mare whom can be 'difficult'. I would not hesitate to recommend her and would certainly contact her to arrange and future treatment my mare might require!"


Lorraine Carde, Spirit (Dressage)



"Heather has been treating Mighty regularly for more than a year. He is a big young horse and Heather has successfully treated many minor injuries and helped to rehab him when he sustained a serious wound. Over the past 6 months he has begun his training under saddle and Heather has been there to ensure that his physical wellbeing has been maintained throughout this process. He also loves getting a general check-up and massage and has been known to fall asleep whilst being treated. Heather utilises a wide array of techniques which means that the treatment is tailored to the individual animal/injury. Heather also advises on appropriate stretches and exercises which can be performed by the owner between physio sessions to speed the healing process. If Mighty could talk he would definitely recommend Heather to all of his friends as he certainly benefits from his regular physio sessions."


Dr Gail Davies, Mighty (Prospective eventer)