News 2013

February - An exciting month and year ahead. Elvis finally arrived after an epic journey from Portugal in fine fettle! 


March - attended a conference on neurological issues in the dog and tendon injuries. 


May - lessons with Liz Love, had a fantastic time!


June - participant at the Andreas Hausberger clinic in Cheshire with Elvis. It was a super event, lots learnt and I was chuffed to bits with Elvis who took everything in his stride. 


Attended the coaching conference with Eddy de Wolf and had a lesson the following day. The sun was splitting the sky and a ggod day was had by all!


July - lessons with Sylvia Loch over a couple of days. What an absolute privilege to have such a fantastic lady so close to home in Kelso. We learnt a lot and went home with plenty to work on...most of which has happened in the field due to hot weather - not complaining! 


Elvis and I have also invited by Sylvia to be one of her horse and rider demo combinations at The Dressage Convention being hosted by Carl Hester and Richard Davison at Bury Farm, Bucks in October this year. What an absolute honour and privilege!!! 


August - attended the Kathleeen Lindley Beckham clinic with Lily.

News 2012

January - Classical dressage training with Pedro Neves in Portugal. Much fun was had! See the video below.


March - Hosted the Pedro Neves clinic Thornton Farm, Midlothian. Some fantastic classical training brought from Portugal to Scotland.


April - Attended a Biomechanics Course at Moulton College - highly insightful and educational! Did you know that horses don't have subcutaneous tissue on their necks and therefore cannot use this to twitch and shake flies off that part of their body?


September - Attended and participated in the Kathleen Lindley clinic in Scotland with Lily, which has given us plenty of motivation and work to be getting on with over the winter months.


October – Attended a very interesting and informative talk on equine cardiology by Dr John Keen, organised by the RoR at Cousland East Lothian.


Classical training in Portugal - had a super time refining half pass and working on maintaining straightness through flying changes.


December - trip to Olympia, a special treat with great friends this Christmas time!