Equine Residential Rehabilitation

Before and After! This horse slipped in the field, the near fore was significantly swollen and 4/5 lame. The horse fully recovered after a week of intense treatment - great result!

Equine residential rehabilitation is available for the intensive management of a range of acute and chronic conditions as a consequence of disease, injury and surgery. This may include:       

  •        wounds
  •        tendon and ligament injuries
  •        OCD
  •        back problems
  •        muscle tears and strains
  •        fractures
  •        neurological conditions
  •        post surgical recovery (colic, joints, fractures, tendon, ligaments)
  •        accident/fall recovery



First class daily care is provided  for your horse whilst in residence. The patient's physical and mental well-being is of utmost importance and special needs and requirements are catered for. Heather establishes and maintain open dialogue with owner and vet, and aims to make the rehabilitation and recovery of your horse as successful and stress free as possible. 


5 star daily care includes:

  • feeding, mucking out, ad-lib hay/haylage, rug changes & grooming
  • facilitating vet and farrier visits
  • administering medication (as prescribed by your veterinary surgeon)
  • changing bandages and dressings
  • in-hand walks for grass and fresh air (when permitted and as required)
  • special care requirements specific to your horse


Physio Programmes

Following discussions with both the attending vet and owner and assessment of the patient, Heather designs intensive physio programmes tailored to the patient's injury/condition and the current stage of healing. This may incorporate a range of manual and electrotherapy treatments and include a recovery exercise programme. The patient then receives as much treatment as required to achieve optimal healing whilst in residence.




The equine rehabilitation facility is located on the south side of Penicuik on the A701, only a 10 minute drive from the Dick Vet Hospital and 15 minute drive from the Edinburgh City Bypass.