Equine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can benefit a range of different horses and ponies, whether they are retired happy hacks, riding club, working or amateur and professional competition horses.


Common conditions which affect horses and ponies, and benefit from physiotherapy include:


  • tendon injuries
  • ligament injuries
  • neck or back pain/tension and spasms
  • hamstring strains and ruptures
  • misalignments often seem through the pelvis
  • sacroiliac injuries
  • OCD
  • fractures
  • cruciate ligament injuries
  • haematomas
  • wobblers and other neurological conditions – nerve damage
  • “Sweeney” – muscle wastage of the scapula
  • muscle tension/tears/adhesions/fibrosis
  • muscle hypotrophy/hypertrohy
  • delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • fractures
  • wounds and scarring
  • loss of condition
  • pain (chronic/acute)
  • post surgery rehabilitation
  • post accident/fall recovery

Your horse may also benefit from a physiotherapy session if it:

  • has become difficult to handle or ride
  • is displaying uncharacteristic behaviour - stopping at fences, reluctant to perform different manoeuvres, race times are dropping
  • has had dental problems
  • has recently had a poorly fitting saddle rectified
  • is recovering from an operation
  • has poorly healing chronic wounds or those which can not be bandaged
  • is, or has been, on a prolonged period of box rest
  • is in chronic or acute pain, often communicated via a loss or condition, change of disposition and behaviour
  • hasn't been treated by a physiotherapist for some time

Prevention is better than cure  

Regular physiotherapy assessments and treatments can help identify, address and resolve physical issues such as compensations and stresses and strains. This can save your horse a lot of pain in the long run and prevent chronic debilitating injuries and conditions developing. Why not at least give your horse a 6 monthly MOT to ensure it is comfortable in its work, whatever it may do.


As a qualified veterinary physiotherapist, Heather is able to provide a broad range of treatments tailored to your horse's requirements. Should you wish to have a discussion or book an appointment get in touch