About Heather

Heather is a fully qualified and insured Veterinary Physiotherapist, and member of the Institute of Registered Veterinary Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP). She offers treatment to all creatures great and small throughout Scotland, and residential equine rehabilitation on the outskirts of Edinburgh. She has vast experience treating a multitude of horses and dogs participating in a broad range of disciplines. This includes addressing specific conditions, and making minor corrections thereby noticeably enhancing performance. She is known for her patient and quiet manner with animals, professional approach and above all, repeatedly achieving first class results. The testimonials are evidence of this. 


Having ridden horses and owned dogs as long as she can remember, Heather has a very natural empathy with animals and a caring and understanding approach. The well-being and health and safety of the client is at the top of her agenda in providing a first class professional service. Heather competed junior BSJA on her 138cm pony and moved onto horses after university. After investing in a young warmblood and becoming focused on correct training, she was bitten by the dressage bug. Since then she has competed at regional level and the Scottish Championships. Classical training combined with natural horsemanship, and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the way the horse moves, is shaping the way she trains her horses today. Her current rides include her warmblood/thoroughbred mare Lily and lusitano stallion "Elvis". Her closest canine friends include her old black labrador "Jed" and miniature dachshund "Pixie".

Her inspiration...

Lily was one of the key reasons Heather chose to study Veterinary Physiotherapy. The mare was originally acquired as a "project", an unbroken 4 year old with the objective of starting, training and selling. However Lily went lame only a few days after being ridden. With no apparent lumps, bumps, heat or swellings, there was no immediate veterinary diagnosis. After recruiting the assistance of a range of therapists, and the mare recovering to the point of being marginally unsound, she decided to have the leg in question radiographed by an orthopaedic specialist. It was only upon doing so that Lily was found to have a non-union fracture, believed to have occurred as a yearling when she was running with the mares and foals at the stud. In trying find a way to help Lily with her problems, maximise her chances of recovery and outlook as a ridden horse, Heather struggled to find an available therapist with numerous tools in their box to help her. This motivated Heather to become that person herself by studying Veterinary Physiotherapy at Nottingham University Vet School. After achieving this qualification with merit and training with a number of highly regarded vets and vet physios across the UK, Heather has been able to help Lily and she is now an actively ridden horse.

Mr Elvis – the latest addition!

Elvis, Heather's 4yo lusitano, arrived in the UK in February 2013. Since then Heather and Elvis have been working on their partnership and training hard, participating at the Andreas Hausberger clinic in Cheshire and more recently with Liz Love and Sylvia Loch. They are currently focused on training for The Dressage Convention in October, being hosted by Carl Hester and Richard Davison at Bury Farm, Bucks. They been invited by Sylvia Loch, who will be a guest speaker and trainer at the event, to be one of her demo horse and rider combinations  - an absolute honour which Heather states she will be eternally grateful for!